Hong Kong Cat Salvation Army

簡介Brief Introduction




Starting from an internet homepage for rescuing and rehoming homeless cats and kittens in December 1997, the Hong Kong Cat Salvation Army (HKCSA) is set up by a group of enthusiastic cat fanciers who would like to share their concern towards and to work for the welfare of the stray, abandoned and abused cats.

All the rescuing, rehoming, care and fostering, delivery to and from vet clinics, socializing, all other operation and administration works are carried out by volunteers in their own spare time.

HKCSA is registered as a charitable organization in HKSAR in April 1999.



Cat Salvation Army: We work for a harmonious human-cat relationship and promote humanity in the world through the love of cats.



To promote, liaise, facilitate and advocate for the welfare, protection and relief of suffering of stray, abandoned and abused cats in Hong Kong;


To educate the public in promotion of responsible pet ownership, to encourage animal adoption and to reduce indiscriminate breeding with special concern for cats;


To set up, sponsor, support and give advice for nurseries, shelters, adoption centres, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals for stray, abandoned and abused cats;


To organise voluntary workers to work for the welfare of stray, abandoned and abused cats.

服務Scope of Services

電話熱線Hotline Inquiry ---- 9431 9461

Providing immediate information, guidance, counselling and support, this telephone hotline has gradually evolved from a contact for adopters at the start into a hotline inquiry service all questions on cats for members and public alike. The hotline has become increasingly busy entertaining various types of inquiry on any topics related to cats: from stray and abandoned picked up on the street, to nursing the injured and sick; from hand feeding of newborn orphans, to the pending death of an old friend etc.


Every year almost 10,000 healthy cats are put down in Hong Kong because nobody will adopt them. We advocate cat fanciers to adopt instead of buying their cats: "Cat-lovers don't buy, Adoption is vogue". Finding a loving home for cats and kittens has always been our first priority in our activities. We have been actively opening up networks and exploring various channels to contact appropriate adopting families. All the nursing and follow up before and after adoption, going to and from vet clinics are all carried out by our volunteers.


We would give assistance or support to some cat shelters according to their different situations so as to ensure that the cats' basic need and care are met.

愛心絕育計劃Low Cost Desexing Scheme

This Low Cost Desexing Scheme provides an affordable means to sterilize stray cats to control their number, reduce their misery and protect them from human cruelty arising from overpopulation.

寵物雜誌專欄Pet Magazines Columns

Through our regular column  "Cat People Cat World" in the local pet magazine My Cat, we aim to advocate our missions, report our works and activities, and promote cat culture.

公民教育Public Education

How to live in peace with animals, accepting their rights to share the world with us is the basis of our animal concern public education. We strongly advocate the concept of "responsible pet ownership": think twice before you adopt a pet and sterilize for their well being. We would also do seminal work on animal concern in districts and schools. We hope that by teaching the children and families to love cats---love animals---love the world, we may work for a better future.

你的支持Your Support

我們是一個為流浪、被遺棄及被虐貓兒謀褔利之非牟利全義工慈善團體。若你認同我們的信念和工作,請以實際行動來支持我們。We are a non-profit, all volunteer, charitable organization working for the welfare of stray, abandoned and abused cats. If you agree with our missions and our works, please show your support by prompt action.



Join and become one of us. Volunteers are our greatest assets. We need your contribution in different posts and aspects, great and small. Any forms of participation are welcome. Let all cat lovers gather our ideas, forces and strengths together to work for cat welfare. You are welcome to apply to become our members to join in the following voluntary works
    領養推介計劃Adoption Promotion
  • 愛貓大使探訪Cat Ambassador
  • 「湊」BBNursing Kittens
  • 電腦網頁Internet Webpage
  • 「暫托」家庭 Foster Family
  • 翻譯Translation
  • 慈善舖Charity Shop
  • 義務運輸Voluntary Transport
  • 領養日Adoption Day
  • 突發行動組Action Team
  • 貓舍Cat Shelters
  • 社區聯絡員District Liaison




"Adoption is gold". There is nothing better than offering a loving home for our cats and kittens. They will make a house a home, bringing you and your family many joyful and tender moments. Our adoption is freeexcept you need to give all your loving care.

Bring along your kids, your family, your friends. Adopt One - Save Two: Your adoption allows CSA to save another. Many cats and kittens are waiting for you.----- let us make an acquaintance and make our dream comes true!




Desexing your cats is the basic duty of a responsible cat owner. This is good, firstly, for their physical and psychological health and, secondly, for eliminating any indiscriminant breeding. Start from me! Extend your love from your cats to others' cats and to those stray and homeless, abandoned and abused.



We are a registered charitable association with no regular funding or sponsorship. There is no paid staff. All volunteers are giving their time and effort and shouldering many expenses for the cats under their foster care. Any donationfrom you will help us in giving more help to more cats.

任何捐款都可為貓咪提供醫療、暫託及領養服務;以及對公眾及兒童推廣愛護動物意識。我們也歡迎你捐贈物資以及其他形式的資助。 Any amount of donations may provide cats and kittens with veterinary care, foster and adoption services; as well as funding for promotion for responsible pet ownership among public and children. We also welcome donation of materials and other forms of sponsorship.

﹝港幣一百元或以上之捐款可憑收據申請扣稅﹞(Donations of $100 or more are tax-deductible)

繳交會費捐款Payment of membership fee or donation

(1) 連同抬頭"香港愛貓救世軍有限公司"之劃線支票寄回香港郵政總局信箱2930號;或 

Send a crossed cheque payable to "Hong Kong Cat Salvation Army Limited"to GPO Box 2930, Hong Kong; or

(2) 將捐款直接存入本會匯豐銀行戶口「548-0-015451」,再將存款收據寄回香港郵政總局信箱2930號或傳真至24822219.

Pay direct into our Hongkong Bank Account (548-0-015451) and send the pay-in-slip to GPO Box 2930, Hong Kong or fax to 24822219.

聯絡我們To Contact Us

           聯絡處 Correspondence: 香港郵政總局信箱2930 號GPO Box 2930, Hong Kong
       領養熱線Adoption Hotline: 9431 9461
       傳真Fax: 2482 2219

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